I promised two of my friends that I will write QuickStart guide to Firebase, so here we are :)

Malak and Sultan… this is for you as I promised

  • What is Firebase?
  • Installing Firebase CLI
  • Running Firebase Emulator
  • Firebase functions
  • Firebase Firestore vs Firebase Realtime Database
  • Simple Firebase function CRUD

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In this post I will explain how to deploy AWS Serverless Develoer Portal only, so have fun :)

I highly recommend you to read my post about AWS CloudFormation first, here

What is Serverless Developer Portal?

It is an open-source application to make your APIs available to others. It works…

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I was working on a CloudFormation task related to my work during the weekend and I thought to myself “Why not?” so here is the QuickStart guide for anyone working with CloudFormation for the first time. I won’t get deep into details.

  • What is CloudFormation?
  • Create CloudFormation Stack
  • Deploy CloudFormation…


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